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IDIOMS - Slovakia vs. USA

it shows how people create and use simmilar idioms
on two different places of our Earth

This project is done by author of this site Juraj Cisarik (Kosice, Slovakia) [1]
and by the great help of Mr. Edward Mitro (Indiana, USA) [2]

This project is still going on,
you can send us your idiom with a short description to: /



Juraj Cisarik (Kosice, Slovakia)
Edward Mitro (Indiana, USA) [1]
Chris Prah (USA) [2]
Julie Molitoris (USA) [3]
Danny Proko (USA) [4]
Andy Kunik (USA) [5]
Ray Sarik (Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA) [6]
Thomas Grimes [7]
Fred and Coreen [8]
Andrew Stefanick [9]
Sean & Lisa Potochney [10]
Ray Urban [11]
Walter Krasneski [12]
David Yeosock [13]

... here we add your name or your initials when you send us your idiom

new recent idioms added:

... added - January 2017 - [13]
US: "You can't have your cake and eat it"
SK: "You can't sit on two chairs at the same time"
description: you cannot do two things by the same time

... added - November 2016 - [12]
US: "Ace in the hole"
SK: "Ace in the sleeve"
description: a hidden but effective means of winning a conflict

... added - November 2016 - [12]
US: "Along for the ride / go / come"
SK: " Your soul is not present"
description: to be present for an activity without taking part in it

... added - November 2016 - [12]
US: "Bark up the wrong tree"
SK: "You are on the wrong boat"
description: to misdirect one’s efforts or argument

... added - November 2016 - [12]
US: "Behind the eight ball"
SK: "To be between mill stones"
description: in a difficult situation or position

... added - November 2016 - [11]
US: "Fine feathers do not make fine birds"
SK: "It is not all golden what is shiny"
description: Do not judge people or things by what they look like

... added - November 2016 - [11]
US: "As the twig is bent, so grows the tree"
SK: "Mother! Bend me when I am Johnny you would not bend me when I am John"
description: When I am a little child you could teach me and "bend" my behavior, at my later age not.

... added - November 2016 - [10]
US: "Why buy the cow if you get the milk for free ?"
SK: "Why bring wood to the forest ?"
description: It means that there is no reason to purchase something (like a ladder or other tool or appliance) if someone will allow you to borrow theirs whenever you want to.

... added - November 2016 - [9]
US: My Baba used to say "Close your mouth, open your pocketbook"
SK: "Neither mother cannot understand own dumb child"
description: What she meant was, "If you don't speak up for what is yours, you will be taken advantage of". Most commonly, if you don't haggle, you will end up paying more.

... added - November 2016 - [8]
US: "Where there is smoke, there is fire"
SK: ... we have a total same idiom and also one more simmilar:
Where there is a sound of the small bell. there is also a big bell
description: Meaning that if there is repeated evidence of something, it is likely true in some way.

... added - November 2016 - [7]
US: "If you have never fallen off a horse then you have never been ridden long enough"
SK: "How it came, it left same"
description: Anyone who claim success to soon will find failure will happen

... added - November 2016 - [7]
US: "Are you going to tough it out or just lay there and bleed?"
SK: "What does not kill you it will give you more power."
description: Failure will lead to success if you persist.

... added - November 2016 - [7]
US: "You can bitch about it or do something to fix it"
SK: ... I cannot find a Slovak equivalent idiom to this ...
description: You can live in failure or learn from it, correct your direction and continue on.

... added - November 2016 - [7]
US: "Talk slowly, think quickly"
SK: we have just simmilar idiom but not about speaking but about doing: "Twice measure, once cut."
description: Think before you speak

... added - November 2016 - [7]
US: "Sometimes you get and sometimes you get got"
SK: "Sometimes plenty and sometimes shit" (excuse this bad word but is common idiom here)
description: Life will give you good times and bad times

... added - November 2016 - [7]
US: "God gave each of us a talent, us it or you will have to explain to him why you didn’t"
SK: ... I cannot find a Slovak equivalent idiom to this ...
description: We are all unique, each can contribute, when you follow your God given direction for your life you will be most rewarded.

... added - November 2016 - [2]
US: "Blow up" and its past tense "Blew up"
SK: ... we have a total same idiom: "Blow up / exploded"
description: Getting very angry very quickly.

... added - November 2016 - [2]
US: "a drop in the bucket"
SK: "a bit of sand in the sea"
description: (US) means helping but in a very small way.
(SK) when we try to compare too small thing against big one and we could use this idiom about help of somebody too.

... added - November 2016 - [6]
US: "Actions speak louder than words"
SK: "Words without work is just a rubbish"
description: people's intentions can be judged better by what they do than what they say

... added - November 2016 - [6]
US: "Ball is in your court"
SK: ... I cannot find a Slovak equivalent idiom to this ...
description: you must make the next decision

... added - November 2016 - [6]
US: "Cross that bridge when you come to it "
SK: "Donīt say "hopps" before your jump."
description: Deal with a problem if and when necessary,not before

... added - November 2016 - [6]
US: "Take it with a grain of salt"
SK: "You eat fish with fishing rod"
description: Don't take what someone says too seriously

... added - November 2016 - [5]
US: "Out of sight out of mind"
SK: ... we have a total same idiom: "Out of sight out of mind"
description: Meaning unless you seeing something you don't think of it.

... added - November 2016 - [4]
US: "The cat's out of the bag."
SK: "One person have a secret, it is a secret. Two persons have a secret, it is already shouted to the world."
description: Meaning the secret's no longer a secret.

... added - November 2016 - [3]
US: "You can't teach an old dog new tricks"
SK: ... we have a total same idiom: "You can't teach an old dog new tricks"
description: once you get into a habit and way of doing things, it is hard to learn new things later, especially as you age.

... added - November 2016 - [3]
US: "A stitch in time saves nine"
SK: "What you can do today, donīt delay on tommorow"
description: if you do something at the right time and don't procrastinate, it will save time later when the problem gets worse.

... added - November 2016 - [3]
US: "A penny saved is a penny earned"
SK: "Who saves, has three times more"
description: you need to be careful how you spend your money. If you save it for important things, then you will have the money for later more important items.

... added - November 2016 - [3]
US: "You get what you pay for"
SK: "Cheap meat, thin soup"
description: the cheapest thing is not always the best thing to buy. If something is cheaper than a lot of others, it may also be made badly.

... added - November 2016 - [3]
US: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"
SK: ... I cannot find a Slovak equivalent idiom to this ... I like this idiom it is a great true (Juraj)
description: It is easier to plan ahead and do it right the first time then it is to try to fix it later.

... added - November 2016 - [2]
US: "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth"
SK: "Don't look at the teeth of a gift horse."
description: don't look for faults in gifts or favors. "This car my neighbor let me borrow is rusty and full of dents but let's not look a gift horse in the mouth and be happy we have something to drive."

... added - November 2016 - [2]
US: "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof"
SK: ... I cannot find a Slovak equivalent idiom to this ... we have simmilar idiom but meaning is different.
description: - live in the current moment and don't worry about tomorrow (biblical idiom)

... added - November 2016 - [2]
US: "A wolf in sheep's clothing"
SK: ... we have a total same idiom: "A wolf in sheep's clothing"
description: - it is understable for everybody on the world (biblical idiom)

... added - October 2016 - [1]
US: "I swear by you"
SK: "I will put my hand to the fire by your wishing"
description: I have the utmost faith and trust in you.

... added - October 2016 - [1]
SK: "Mother! Bend me when I am Johnny you would not bend me when I am John"
US: "Train a child in the way he should do, and he is old, he will not turn from it"
description: When I am a little child you could teach me and "bend" my behavior, at my later age not.

... added - October 2016 - [1]
US: "When is rains, it pours"
SK: "On poor person also his roof falls"
description: When things to wrong, a lot of things go wrong at the same time

... added - October 2016 - [1]
US: "No news is good news"
SK: I do not know any idom here... We have not this exactly, we have just simmilar but it means something different.
description: Not hearing about a situation suggests nothing bad has happened

... added - October 2016 - [1]
US: "I'm just pulling your leg"
SK: "I make a good day from you"
description: I am kidding or teasing with you

... added - October 2016 - [1]
SK: "What a father, that is a son. What a mother, that is Kathy"
US: "Like father, like son. Like mother, like daughter" (still thinking about the "Genes" part of this)
description: Genes goes from parents to children also by gender.

... added - October 2016 - [1]
SK: "Morning is more clever than evening"
US: "Sleep on it"
description: Do not think about problems in the evening, in the morning you will find out better solutions

... added - October 2016 - [1]
US: "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush"
SK: "Better to keep a sparrow in the hand than to have a pigeon on the roof"
description: Having something that is certain is much better than taking a risk for more - (because chances are you might lose everything).

... added - October 2016 - [1]
US: "Do not judge a book by its cover" (we also have "All that glitters is not gold" which means that just because something shines, does not mean it is valuable)
SK: "It is not all golden what is shiny"
description" Do not judge people or things by what they look like - or -You shouldn't form an opinion on someone or something based purely on what you see on the surface, because usually after taking a deeper look, the person or thing will not be what you expected it to be".

... added - October 2016 - [1]
SK: "Dresses make a person"
US: "Clothes make the man".
description: If you are well dressed than people like you more than your dress is poor or dirty.
(generaly I do not like this idiom because I do not like fashion and I feel better in the old shirt and jeans than
in plastic modern dresses filled by chemistry from washing powder..., so I add another simmilar idom no.09)

... added - October 2016 - [1]
SK: "Long hair, short mind"
US: "All looks and no brains" (if because of being attractive) or "All brawn and no brains: (if because of strength) in both cases they are either very pretty but very stupid, or very strong but very stupid.
description: if somebody wants to be just attractive by own hair, body, face then his brain is stupid obviously.
I mean this idiom is quite simmilar to your previous idiom "Do not judge a book by its cover"

... added - October 2016 - [1]
US: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do"
SK: "What country, this custom"
description: When you are visiting a different place/country or culture, you should try to follow their customs and practices

... added - October 2016 - [1]
US: "A watched pot never boils"
SK: "Wait for the time how goose waits for grain"
description: Things work out in their own time, so being impatient and constantly checking on it will just make things seem to take longer. (example, sitting by the telephone waiting for someone to call).

... added - October 2016 - [1]
SK: "The apple will not fall down too far from the tree"
US: "The apple does not fall far from the tree"
description: it is used also at the relationships, simmilar to previous idiom:
"Like father, like son. Like mother, like daughter", but also we use it if we try to find solution at any problem and the solution is often not too far from the place of the problem

... added - October 2016 - [1]
SK: "The full man does not trust to the hungry man"
US: I have nothing that is the same.
description: example, the wealthy people will not understand problems of poor people, I use this when I watch
TV and there are too "clever" politics on.,

... added - October 2016 - [1]
US: "A leopard cannot change its spots"
SK: I have nothing that is the same. - we could leave also idioms what we cannot compare.
description: You cannot change who/what you are...

... added - October 2016 - [1]
US:"Beat a dead horse"
SK: I have nothing that is the same. - we could leave also idioms what we cannot compare.
description: To continue to force an issue that is already ended or completed.

... added - October 2016 - [1]
SK: "Godīs mills work slowly but certainly"
US: "The mills of the God's grind slowly, but they grind small"
description: ... here I do not need to explain this, it well understandable.

... added - October 2016 - [1]
SK: "Measure twice, cut once"
US: "We have the exact same thing - measure twice, cut once"
description: when you cut wrong, it is too late then... Take the time to do it right the first time, there is not a second try.

... added - October 2016 - [1]
US: "To get up on the wrong side of the bed"
SK: " To get up by own wrong leg from the bed "
description: to start your day in a bad mood, or to realize you are having a terrible day from the very start.

... added - October 2016 - [1]
US: "Too many cooks spoil the broth"
SK: "Too many roosters cannot be together on the pile of manure"
description: If too many people try to do the same thing, they end up ruining it.
If you have too many cooks trying to cook one broth or soup - they get in each others way and make a mess of what is trying to be done.

... added - October 2016 - [1]
US: "What goes around, comes around "
SK: "How you call to the mountain, then the mountain will reply to you by the same words"
description: All what we do, then it will be returned to us (good and also bad things)

... added - October 2016 - [1]
US: "I have to see a man about a horse " (no fooling :-) )
SK: "I am going where also kings go by walk alone"
description: it means that I would like go to WC. (polite saying among people)

... added - October 2016 - [1]
US: "Beating around the bush"
SK: "You talk like an old woman on the market"
description: Avoiding the main topic. Not speaking directly about the issue.

... added - October 2016 - [1]
US: "To have a chip on your shoulder"
SK: "You have still a bug in your head"
description: to still be angry about something that occurred in the past. Holding a grudge or grievance that readily provokes dispute.

... added - October 2016 - [1]
US: "Those who ignore advice, pay the price "
SK: "Who no advice takes, no help gets"
description: who does not want to accept any advice, then there is no chance to help...

... added - October 2016 - [1]
US: "To catch one in a lie "
SK: "The lie has short legs"
description: The true has "longer legs", so the true will cath each lie in the future.

... added - October 2016 - [1]
US: "To get off on the wrong foot"
SK: "I woke up and stepped by my left foot"
description: getting a bad start on a relationship or a task. To start off in a bad way.

... added - October 2016 - [1]
US: To be on pins and needles"
SK: "To be on needles" or "To sit on fire"
description: anxious or nervous, especially in anticipation of something coming up soon.



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